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What is Safer During COVID19: Rideshare, Taxis or Private Chauffeur?

As we continue to navigate the global pandemic and lockdown, even only being allowed to leave home for shopping for essential items, exercise or for care and compassionate reasons makes us question, what is the safest mode of transport? The reality is, not everyone drives or has their own vehicle and require other forms of transportation. 

With COVID-19 still very much a part of our everyday living and will be for a time to come, owner and driver at Friendly Transfers, Leiland Friend has a high standard of practices that make him stand out from other services. This article explores whether using a chauffeur like Leiland is indeed the safer option over Rideshare and Taxi services:

Healthier Practices During COVID-19 and Beyond

While comparing Australia’s pandemic statistics to that of other countries, we are doing relatively well, even in the thick of it. Our standard at Friendly Transfers has always been high, taking precautions to protect our clients. Does every service have these safety measures in place? Let’s take a look:

1. Better Hygiene

Following government guidelines for safety practices are essential. As a premium service, we have always kept our vehicles clean after each client, and we can afford the time to disinfect thoroughly compared to Taxi and Rideshare services. These other options are usually on a low-paid wage and have less time to spend on hygiene practices between clients.

2. Healthier Drivers

Maintaining a healthy work environment, particularly in a small space like a vehicle, is essential. Leiland doesn’t work if he is unwell, whereas, with other services, the drivers decide whether they are well enough to work. You then have a greater chance of been driven by someone who is sick.

3. Smaller Volume of Customers

In a busy city like Sydney, rideshare and taxis have people hopping in and out all day long. There is a great demand on them and, therefore, a greater chance that potential COVID germs are being left behind. As chauffeurs, we are a private service, so we are used by fewer people, potentially the same client, the whole day. Fewer people equal less probability of infectious spreading.


We know who our clients are because they have to pre-book to use our services. While this is also true of rideshare, taxis are less likely to have as many pre-booked passengers across the hustle and bustle of Greater Sydney. Our clients have a sole driver in Leiland, and he arrives at the exact time needed, which means spending less time out in public and potential contact with the virus. 

While Australia continues to be a great example of dealing with this Global Pandemic, we are still very much in the midst of it. Safety continues to be paramount, especially when riding in public vehicles. You can see that chauffeurs are undoubtedly the best option for protection during these uncertain times. We welcome you to experience our service, where you can expect an exceptional experience every time.

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