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6 Reasons a Sydney Chauffeur is Not Just For The Rich and Famous

With the long lockdown finally ending for those of us in Sydney, at Friendly Transfers we are looking forward to welcoming our chauffeur service clients back, old and new. 


Before long, your summer calendar is going to be chocked to the brim with events trying to catch up on the last 18 months, and we want to help. A Sydney chauffeur is not just for VIPs and celebrities, they are a convenient, affordable, and safe way to travel for everyone whether it’s: 

  • Door-to-door – getting you from A to B as effective as possible, taking secret routes to avoid traffic and get you to your event on time.
  • Special Events like travelling to a friend’s wedding that is finally happening after it has been moved 3 times so far.
  • Or, experiences – because you just want a custom driving tour to explore and appreciate Sydney after being locked in!
As the owner and one of the many experienced drivers here at Friendly Transfers, I know exactly how we can help you make your travel easy and stress-free. So here are my top reasons you should use try our Sydney chauffeur service at least once this summer.

1. It’s great value for money


I’ll start with the elephant in the room because it’s not as expensive as you might think to hire a Sydney chauffeur.


When you get a taxi you’re metered and you’re already paying a flat rate as soon as you get in the car before the meter starts. So you really don’t know how much it’s going to cost until you get to the destination. Plus, there’s no incentive for them to take the fastest route to get you there on time, because the longer you’re in the car, the more money it means for them.



Car-sharing apps like Uber can be a great alternative for driving around, but the prices fluctuate based on how busy they are. When it’s peak hours and demand rises, so do the prices. Plus, it’s not a service that is designed to be reliable, sometimes you’ll open the app and you’re stuck with a note telling you there are no drivers in your area. 


So what’s the alternative and how much does it cost to hire a personal driver? 


At Friendly Transfers, I’m proud to say we charge less per KM than other competitive Sydney chauffeur services, and you are quoted a price before your trip so you can plan accordingly. Our aim is an inclusive, personable service that just works for you, and no being caught out by ‘added extras’.


Get a full quote or see our rates per vehicle by filling out what you need here


2. Save your sanity with parking (and traffic)


When factoring in costs, don’t forget that Sydney parking could not only cost you A$40 for a couple of hours in the city, but time, effort, and stress trying to find that elusive space. As we are dropping you off and picking you up, you don’t have to worry about parking fees, or finding a space that is miles away from where you need to be. 


One of our professional and experienced drivers will be ready to collect you and deliver you on time, every time. No muss, no fuss. 


Parking sign Sydney

3. Ride in style, and make an impression 


How you travel can make an impression and really elevate a special occasion. Show someone you care with a chauffeur service to celebrate, or simply enjoy the luxury you deserve. With plenty of legroom and luggage space, it doesn’t matter what the event is, you can ride in style and keep perfectly composed for your arrival. 


Audi car chauffeur in Sydney

4. Start the event early 


When one of our Sydney chauffeurs collects you, your event has already begun. No stressing about traffic, getting there on time or getting lost in the process. For clients travelling together, this means you can chat, lift your spirits and simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


Why not buy a Sydney chauffeur service as a gift for a loved one? The celebration starts from the moment we pick you up. 


Royal Randwick Crowd

5. Stay safe and be comfortable 


From early morning pickups and late drop-offs to catering to vulnerable adults, we have NDIS transfer experience and offer a safe, professional, and inclusive experience so you can travel to and from your event safely. Have the peace of mind that you’ll be picked up and collected without having to travel the streets alone or on public transport in unsafe situations. 


6. Get local knowledge


All of our drivers have extensive experience and are Sydney-based which means they have the insider knowledge to make your tour special. We can create personalised tours specifically for you from the best places to visit off the beaten track, to the ultimate routes that avoid the traffic so you can finally get out and see parts of Sydney you didn’t know existed.


Ultimately, a Sydney chauffeur service can be a luxurious treat, a gift to your loved one (or yourself), or you can reap the benefits day-to-day and door-to-door. But if nothing else, you must try it at least once, you won’t regret it.
Get in touch with us now to get a quote or book your first trip. 

Why we are the only chauffeur service in Sydney you’ll ever need?

Whether you’re planning an event, need hotel or airport transfers, want personalised tours or corporate travel, a chauffeur company can elevate your experience. 
But how do you choose the right one? After all, there’s hundreds of drivers available in Sydney so what sets us apart? As the owner and driver at Friendly Transfers, I wanted to share the top reasons why our clients choose us and trust us with their professional chauffeur service in Sydney. 
Backed by Extensive Experience
Leiland Friend - Audi car chauffeur in Sydney


Our team is made up of myself (Leiland Friend) owner and driver, alongside a selection of other experienced drivers in Sydney. Together we use our in-depth local knowledge to make your tour or travel experience much more meaningful.
My 8 years of experience transporting members of the community to medical procedures and appointments in comfort means I know exactly how to take away the stress and worry of travel arrangements while you focus on what’s important. 
I also have experience in NDIS transfers, dementia and aged care transport as well as defensive driving skills and the ability to drive various sized vehicles. I have combined all of my experience as well as my previous roles in transportation planning, and professional dispatching to make Friendly Transfers the perfect choice for experiences as well as day-to-day chauffeur services. 

A Reliable, Personal Service
There’s nothing worse than being left stranded, particularly when you have an important event, appointment, or itinerary to stick to. We pride ourselves on reliability and treating every client with the highest care. But it’s not just about being there when you need us, it’s also about trust. That’s why we offer an authentic individualised service for our clients on every single trip. Regardless of the service you need we ensure a safe, efficient, and professional experience with a personal touch, every time! 
Inclusivity at the Forefront
At Friendly Transfers one of our core values that is very important to me is inclusivity. That is why every client is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve while we accommodate their needs. After all, we live up to our name of Friendly Transfers
Audi car chauffeur in Sydney
Catering to All of Your Needs
 As an established chauffeur company in Sydney we are able to meet the various needs of our clients including: 
  • Airport and hotel transfers – Skip the queues and avoid the hassle of hiring a car. Relax, knowing you can get to and from your hotel without worrying about missing your flight! 
  • Door-to-door – Get from A to B efficiently whether it’s a short appointment or a longer event or commitment. Our well-presented and courteous drivers guarantee on-time arrival, and a professional experience.
  • Personalised tours – It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time in Sydney, or you’re a seasoned local, we can help immerse you in the hidden gems of this stunning city. Without worrying about how you get there, parking, driving (or worse, getting lost!) 
  • Private events – Whether business or personal, our whole-day or partial-day chauffeur hire gives you an executive feel, with peace of mind that you’ll get to your event on-time and travel is taken care of throughout the event. 
  • Individual or group experiences – From dinners and winery tours to seeing a theatre show or must-see local hot spots, we are able to cater to individuals, couples, or groups to create an unforgettable experience.
  • Corporate transfers Your time is valuable and being punctual sets a professional standard you don’t want to miss. From everyday travel that avoids the taxi queues to meetings, conferences, and seminars, our corporate transfer service allows you to focus on what you do best while we take care of getting you there safely, comfortably, and on time. 
  • Medical & NDIS – From routine regular appointments to more extensive medical procedures, we can transport you safely, comfortably, and without stress. 
We stand out among competitors because we combine personalised executive level chauffeur services with local, friendly knowledge and experience. So, if you want a chauffeur service that is reliable, trustworthy, inclusive, and backed by years of experience, then we happily tick all of the boxes!
To request a booking simply get in touch at: enquiries@friendlytransfers.com.au or fill out the quote form here and we can take it from there. 
Our Service Areas Include: 
  • Central Sydney
  • The Northern Beaches
  • The Lower North Shore
  • The Upper North Shore
  • Southern Sydney
  • Sutherland Shire
  • The Inner West
  • The South West 
  • Parramatta

What is Safer During COVID19: Rideshare, Taxis or Private Chauffeur?

As we continue to navigate the global pandemic and lockdown, even only being allowed to leave home for shopping for essential items, exercise or for care and compassionate reasons makes us question, what is the safest mode of transport? The reality is, not everyone drives or has their own vehicle and require other forms of transportation. 

With COVID-19 still very much a part of our everyday living and will be for a time to come, owner and driver at Friendly Transfers, Leiland Friend has a high standard of practices that make him stand out from other services. This article explores whether using a chauffeur like Leiland is indeed the safer option over Rideshare and Taxi services:

Healthier Practices During COVID-19 and Beyond

While comparing Australia’s pandemic statistics to that of other countries, we are doing relatively well, even in the thick of it. Our standard at Friendly Transfers has always been high, taking precautions to protect our clients. Does every service have these safety measures in place? Let’s take a look:

1. Better Hygiene

Following government guidelines for safety practices are essential. As a premium service, we have always kept our vehicles clean after each client, and we can afford the time to disinfect thoroughly compared to Taxi and Rideshare services. These other options are usually on a low-paid wage and have less time to spend on hygiene practices between clients.

2. Healthier Drivers

Maintaining a healthy work environment, particularly in a small space like a vehicle, is essential. Leiland doesn’t work if he is unwell, whereas, with other services, the drivers decide whether they are well enough to work. You then have a greater chance of been driven by someone who is sick.

3. Smaller Volume of Customers

In a busy city like Sydney, rideshare and taxis have people hopping in and out all day long. There is a great demand on them and, therefore, a greater chance that potential COVID germs are being left behind. As chauffeurs, we are a private service, so we are used by fewer people, potentially the same client, the whole day. Fewer people equal less probability of infectious spreading.


We know who our clients are because they have to pre-book to use our services. While this is also true of rideshare, taxis are less likely to have as many pre-booked passengers across the hustle and bustle of Greater Sydney. Our clients have a sole driver in Leiland, and he arrives at the exact time needed, which means spending less time out in public and potential contact with the virus. 

While Australia continues to be a great example of dealing with this Global Pandemic, we are still very much in the midst of it. Safety continues to be paramount, especially when riding in public vehicles. You can see that chauffeurs are undoubtedly the best option for protection during these uncertain times. We welcome you to experience our service, where you can expect an exceptional experience every time.

How Important Is A Professional Chauffeur?

Need to get someone stress-free? Or perhaps you’re in a new city and don’t know how to get there? We all need the assistance of a chauffeur at some point in our lives. In addition to driving skills, a chauffeur is trained in safety, customer service skills, and will often have extensive local knowledge to offer exclusive services.

Here are some of the advantages you enjoy when you engage an experienced chauffeur:

Make the most of your time

On a holiday or a day out you want to relax, enjoy yourself and not worry about driving, finding a park and paying for a parking space. You either spend time driving yourself to your destination or spend your money to get you a professional driver, saving you time. The best part – in choosing to pay a driver, you can engage with friends and family, organise your day and have a stress-free experience.

Reliable service

When you think of a professional chauffeur, dependability and reliability should come to mind. This is what sets our driver service apart from other companies. Not only will we show up at your requested location on time, but we will also assure that you have a safe journey to your destination. We aim to ensure that your trip runs smoothly. We are also well versed in different local routes and traffic patterns to help you reach your destination promptly.

Outstanding customer service

Our chauffeurs will offer services to suit your needs. We embody our values of inclusive, personable and experienced to set us apart from our competitors. Whether you’re running late for a meeting, need a trip around the city or need a driver for a day trip, we’re here to help. Our drivers aim to understand your needs and will streamline their services to ensure your day runs smoothly.

Make a booking with Friendly Transfers today and or request a quote via our website. With us, you won’t just have a driver, but a professional at your service who will strive to ensure you have a seamless journey. We have many years of experience in the transport industry, serving different client’s needs and surpassing expectations.

Our Top 5 Picks for June

Are you looking for activities in Sydney this June? Look no further than our top five list. At Friendly Transfers, we offer personalised services to suit your transportation needs. We’re available throughout June to drive you to and from your event, date night, trip to a performance or a local market.

Check out our list below to start filling up your calendar!

  1. Badu Gili – 16th May – 23rd April 2022

Meaning ‘water light’ in the language of the traditional owners of Bennelong Point, the Gadigal people is a free daily experience that explores First Nations stories in a spectacular six-minute projection on the Sydney Opera House’s eastern Bennelong sails. The sails illuminate hourly from sunset with Badu Gili: Wonder Women, a new projection celebrating the work and stories of six female First Nations artists.

  1. Afterpay Australian Fashion Week – 31st May – 4th June

The pinnacle event in the Australian fashion calendar, this year the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week provides Australian designers with a global platform to connect with the world’s leading buyers and media.

  1. Hamilton – Now Showing

The record-breaking musical Hamilton is now showing at the Sydney Lyric Theatre. Tickets are on sale now, only through Ticketmaster Australia. Book dinner at a nearby restaurant (check out the next recommendation) and you have the perfect night out. Friendly Transfers would love to take to and from your plans to elevate your experience.

  1. Alfresco Dining in The Rocks – 16th May – 31st August

Only a 10-minute drive from the Sydney Lyric Theatre, The Rocks is Sydney’s first alfresco dining area with 19 pubs, bars and restaurants to celebrate patrons with new outdoor dining experiences. Extraordinary outdoor dining has come to The Rocks including Tayim’s hidden pop-up bar, The Tea Cosy providing a sparkling addition of bubbles with your scones and cocktail fun being brought to Unwin’s Courtyard by The Doss House.

  1. Seymour Nights – 16th May – 26th June

The Seymour Nights events will feature ten concerts from a diverse line-up of local artists. The program will span a broad range of genres and styles, from folk and pop to new musical theatre and contemporary classical, offering something for music lovers of all ages and tastes in a casual evening atmosphere.

At Friendly Transfers, we’re looking forward to driving you around this June. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email enquiries@friendlytransfers.com.au or our website friendlytransfers.com.au to organise your outing.

Our Top 5 Mother’s Day Activities

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts you can give to your mum is time. Although COVID has made it difficult for families to spend time together, there are plenty of ways to make Mother’s Day special with the freedom we now have in Australia. Below we have listed a range of Mother’s Day activities to suit every family, that can be done right here in Sydney.


Whether this is breakfast in bed, if your mum has a favourite cafe or a cafe that you’ve been waiting to visit, this is the perfect opportunity! As it happens, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday this year, which is also known as the universal day for brunch. Treat your mum to some delicious food – just don’t forget to call ahead to make a booking as seating this year might be limited.

A Trip To The Theatre

A trip to see a play, musical or film could be the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day. If there’s not a showing that you would like to book on Mother’s Day, tickets to see a theatre show for another date could be the perfect present. We offer transport to any events to alleviate the stress of travel by providing a reliable, personable service for you and your family. Take a look at the theatre shows available in Sydney.

Weekend Away

If you know your mum doesn’t have plans this weekend, why not treat her to a special surprise! If your mum enjoys being impulsive then booking a weekend trip for the two of you to stay at a cute B&B or in the city could be a perfect idea. We offer transport for your predetermined itinerary so we can drop you off and pick you up so you can enjoy the maximum amount of time with your mum.

Visit a Market

Mother’s Day is on a perfect day this year – a Sunday! If your mum enjoys an early morning, wake up with the sun and head to a local farmers market this weekend. Pick out some fresh produce, new trinkets and grab a coffee with your mum for a morning to remember. Check out local Sydney markets here.

A Luxury Experience

If you are looking to give your mum a luxurious gift, this doesn’t have to be on Mother’s Day. Book her a day of pampering where she can relax at a spa, get a massage, or book her in with her favourite hairstylist! Consider organising a transfer for your Mum with Friendly Transfers, to ensure her day is relaxing and stress-free with our personable, reliable service.

Mother’s Day comes around quickly every year and we want to make sure you’re making the most of it with your Mum. If you are planning to take your mum out or looking for some inspiration, we offer transportation for predetermined itineraries, including your Mother’s Day plans. Consider our suggestions above and get in touch to organise our driver services, customised to suit your plans. We service the Greater Sydney Area.

How To Select an Airport Transfer Service

After travelling on a plane for hours, the last thing you want is to experience the hassle of dragging your bags as you try to locate a taxi or ride-share service at the airport. Whether you are an occasional traveller, travel often for business or work, or are taking advantage of the recent travel restrictions being lifted, having a reliable airport transport service provider will ease your travel stress. You know there will be a driver waiting for you who will easily and efficiently help you get to your next destination. To assist you with your decision, we will highlight what you need to look out for when selecting an airport transfer service.

Reliable Service

Having been on a plane for hours, you want to select an airport transfer service provider to suit your needs. Opt for a company that has professional drivers who will put your safety and comfort first. Researching a company before you decide to book with them is important, which is why we provide information via blog posts and social media so that you feel comfortable that you’re making the right choice.

Flexible Hours

The best airport transfer service providers offer transport services throughout the day and night. We want to ensure you have a seamless travel experience to start or end your trip the right way. Your chauffeur is the first person to meet you when your plane lands and the last person to drop you off before your next flight. At Friendly Transfers we are mindful of this so being available when you need us is our priority. Keeping in mind you might be very exhausted and jet-lagged, it is important to choose an airport transfer service provider that has professional and friendly chauffeurs.

Professional Service

We understand that you may be exhausted or jet-lagged, and recognise that it is important to choose an airport transfer service provider that has professional and personable drivers to suit your needs. We are passionate about what we do, and we aim to deliver the best service for you, which includes assisting with your luggage so you can relax while we drive you to your next location.


Comfort, luxury, and personable service are extremely important for a smooth travel experience when selecting a chauffeur company for airport transfer services. Although travelling is a fantastic experience and should not be taken for granted, it can also get very tiresome. At Friendly Transfers, we make sure you travel with minimal hassle. At the heart of our service, our drivers want to ensure you receive a tailored, stress-free experience to and from the airport.

We service the areas of Central Sydney, the Northern Beaches, the Lower North Shore, the Upper North Shore, Southern Sydney, Sutherland Shire, the Inner West, the South West and Parramatta. Contact us today at enquiries@friendlytransfers.com.au to arrange a booking.

What sets our chauffeur service apart?

Are you looking for a chauffeur company that can drive you to a special event? Whether you’re planning an event, need corporate travel or require an airport transfer or hotel transfer, Friendly Transfers is for you. Finding a chauffeur hire company shouldn’t be difficult. There are hundreds of driver services available in Sydney. However, choosing the right company to suit you is important. Continue reading to understand why we are the ideal choice for your next transfer service.

Our Experience

With Friendly Transfers, we guarantee personalised service to suit your needs. Our motto is inclusive, personable and experienced service. When selecting a company, you should aim to hire an experienced chauffeur driver as they will be able to provide you with an experience to suit your requirements at a competitive price. We tick all of these boxes.

Reliable Service

Friendly Transfers delivers a reliable and professional travel experience in Sydney. We offer individualised service for our customers on every single trip. We aim to meet our clients’ needs through a comfortable and authentic service to set us apart from others in the industry. Regardless of the service you require, we ensure a safe, efficient, personal and professional experience. We understand that our customers not only want reliability, but also a service that can be trusted.

Our Drivers

At Friendly Transfers, we offer personalised service through our owner and driver Leiland as well as a select range of experienced drivers in Sydney. Leiland has experience in NDIS transfers, aged care transport and a range of travel transfers so you can feel confident you’re with an experienced driver. Our drivers have current local knowledge and experience and are always looking to improve your travel experience through local and industry knowledge. Our drivers service both public and private events, medical appointments, corporate events, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and a variety of personalised tours.

Our Services

We are a chauffeur company in Sydney that can provide you with services for your corporate or private events, NDIS transfers, medical and appointment transfers, airport transfers, hotel transfers, and many experiences including going to the theatre, a date night or a special event. At Friendly Transfers, we cater for a variety of clients. From medical appointments to a personalised experience, we work closely with a variety of guests every day.

We service the areas of Central Sydney, the Northern Beaches, the Lower North Shore, the Upper North Shore, Southern Sydney, Sutherland Shire, the Inner West, the South West and Parramatta. Let us make your next event, holiday or special occasion one to remember. We guarantee the highest quality service. Simply email enquiries@friendlytransfers.com.au to request a booking.


We promise to only send you exciting updates and special offers!